There are several types of environmental ecosystems found around the world. Here are some examples:

1. Forest Ecosystems: These include tropical rainforests, temperate forests, boreal forests, and deciduous forests.

2. Grassland Ecosystems: These include prairies, savannas, and steppes.

3. Desert Ecosystems: These include hot deserts, cold deserts, and semi-arid deserts.

4. Aquatic Ecosystems: These include freshwater ecosystems like rivers, lakes, and wetlands, as well as marine ecosystems like oceans, coral reefs, and estuaries.

5. Tundra Ecosystems: These include Arctic and alpine tundra, characterized by low temperatures and a short growing season.

6. Coastal Ecosystems: These include mangroves, salt marshes, and seagrass beds, which are vital for protecting coastlines and supporting diverse marine life.

7. Mountain Ecosystems: These include high-altitude ecosystems like alpine meadows and snow-capped peaks.

8. Urban Ecosystems: These include cities and towns, where human activities interact with the natural environment.

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These are just a few examples, and there are many more diverse ecosystems found across the globe. Each ecosystem plays a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity and providing various ecosystem services.




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