Welcome to the Digital Finance World of THE ECOBIOTOS (DAO) COMMUNITY™

The new ERC20 blockchain finance token for the ECOBIOTOS DAO COMMUNITY™

A cryptocurrency that aims to address environmental and social issues by supporting projects that focus on restoring the planet and eliminating poverty.
By purchasing GREENBTC (GBTC), you can contribute to these initiatives and support sustainable development.

Here are a few reasons why you may consider buying GREENBTC (GBTC):

  1. Environmental Impact: GREENBTC (GBTC) supports projects that focus on renewable energy, reforestation, waste management, and other sustainable practices. By investing in GREENBTC (GBTC), you are indirectly supporting these projects and their positive impact on the environment.

  2. Poverty Alleviation: GREENBTC (GBTC)  aims to eliminate poverty by supporting projects that provide access to clean energy, education, healthcare, and other essential services in underprivileged communities. By investing in GREENBTC (GBTC), you can contribute to these efforts and help uplift disadvantaged populations.

  3. Energy Apartheid: Energy apartheid refers to the unequal distribution of energy resources, where some communities lack access to clean and reliable energy sources. GREENBTC (GBTC) aims to address this issue by supporting projects that promote energy access and equity. By purchasing GREENBTC (GBTC), you can help bridge the energy gap and promote equal access to energy resources.

*It is important to note that investing in cryptocurrencies involves risks, and it’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider your own financial circumstances before making any investment decisions.

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What is THE ECOBIOTOS (DAO) Community™? 

The ECOBIOTOS Community™ is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
Meaning that it’s operations are based on community participation, with ‘active’ members voting and approving projects and actions.
This ensures a fair and inclusive approach.
The ECOBIOTOS Community™ is at the forefront of addressing pressing environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, ecosystems, and social unity. By leveraging the power of community participation, we are revolutionizing the way these issues are tackled. Our unique approach not only provides funding but also support for a wide range of impactful projects, programs, and services. This multifunctional approach allows us to have a broader and more comprehensive impact.
To further amplify our global impact, we have introduced the GREENBTC (GBTC) ERC20 Token. This token will enable us to accelerate our efforts and reach a wider audience.
What truly sets us apart from other “green” organizations is our commitment to true democracy. In the ECOBIOTOS (DAO) Community, every member has a voice and voting rights in selecting the projects and programs that we support and fund. This ensures that decisions are made collectively and in the best interest of both the planet and the community.
THE ECOBIOTOS (DAO) COMMUNITY™…providing an opportunity to inspire and empower change for all who participate!
Join us in our mission to create a sustainable future (GREEN WORLD) by becoming an active member of the ECOBIOTOS Community™. 
Join us…have your say…make new friends…create your own wealth…make the planet vibrant and healthy once again!

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